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Competency Mapping

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A competency refers to a particular characteristic of an individual which enables him perform a given task. Competency is a wider term which includes knowledge, attitude and skill sets.

When we consider 100% utilization of the manpower and high productivity from each job profile, we need to analyze the competencies required for a job and match it with the competencies of the employee who has been assigned this job. This process is often termed as Competency Mapping.


With our own signature tools and techniques, we identify an employee’s:

  • Strengths and weaknesses.
  • Worth for the given job-Can be assigned a better role? Is capable of multi-tasking?
  • Real potential- Encouraged to use all of their potential for the work they are doing?
  • Uncovered areas where appropriate training and development could be of additional benefit for the organization.

When we do competency mapping for your organization, we give you results which help you create future action plan. We suggest you possible interventions to maximize the effectiveness of each employee and reduce the cost to the company. We categorize our results in the light of your needs and expectations.

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