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Skill Will Assessment

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“My people know all. They have been with us from last 10 years (and more) and have handled their work extremely well”-this statement seems very common with mature organizations. Employees with long term association understand the work culture, could identify the need and can always perform as per the requirement. They are clear on what is expected of them. However, in spite of all this, a few questions often remained unanswered:

  • Why systems are not adhered to?
  • Why processes are still not followed?
  • Why profits are not increasing?

Global ACT can help you get answers for all these questions. Our team of experts creates a distinct mapping index for every individual. It depicts skill sets acquired by an employee, followed with his willingness to do a specified task. We help you achieve better manpower utilization and thereby increase profitability factor. Our support doesn’t end here. We take a step forward and offer you services to help increase willingness among your employees and develop identified skill sets. We ensure our efforts are observed by your management on the ground. Hence, we offer you results which are specific to your requirements and are measurable.

Knowing the core personality traits of the employees helps to relate to them more effectively. Furthermore, for a business manager or an HR professional, this knowledge will help hire the right people for the right job, devise better performance incentives, and develop more sensible career and improvement plans.

In the world of training and coaching, this model is quick and easy to break out and use. The combination of Skill and Will is what decides which workers are worth keeping and which are a drain on the organizations resources.

Like any 2×2 matrix, it examines two specific parameters that are essential to the quality of employees. Based on this model, we look at two qualitative aspects of employees:

  • How competent a person is for the job?
  • How motivated are they towards the job?


Here, the ‘job’ is defined by a specific competency or behaviour that is quantified and measured. The two elements are distinct and can be observed independently in the employees being evaluated. 

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