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succession planing

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What is Succession Planning?

Succession planning is the process of identifying existing employees of your organization and developing them further to fill in the key leadership/managerial positions. It is termed as succession because you foresee the future demand and create an action plan which includes multiple steps of identifying the right candidate to his further development training program.

Global ACT’s team of experts help you  –

  • Find out the key critical positions which can take your organization to meet the set objective.
  • Frame key important competencies for each of the identified positions.
  • Develop strategies (which work best for your organization) to identify internal resource and create a development plan.
  • Create follow up practices and procedures to every suggested intervention.

How will it benefit you?

  • It promotes the culture of Lateral Move in your organization and gain employee’s association with you.
  • It reduces attrition rate as employees appreciate the time and effort you invest in them and gets motivated to progress within the same organization.
  • It cuts the operational cost involved in hiring and training and development of new people.
  • It promotes accountability, credibility and trust of an employee towards the organization.
  • It brings in more clarity of structures and job roles


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