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Onboard And Exit Survey

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Surveys and Assessments for Exit Survey

The On Board survey identifies what a company must do to enhance this critical initial phase of the employment relationship.

An On Board Survey solution can help you:

  • Identify the expectations set with the new employee during the recruiting process
  • Decide if you need to adjust your recruiting messages or on-boarding practices
  • Measure the effectiveness of your on-boarding.
  • Target any changes to your on-boarding process by business unit, employee demographic and other attributes.
  • Enhance your on-boarding processes and more accurately tailor the on-boarding experience by job type, previous experience, etc.
  • Reduce time to productivity,

A productive employee becomes a valued member of the team quicker, an individual that recognizes their value is more engaged and an engaged employee is likely to leave. Capturing structured employee feedback within the first 6 months will allow you identify potential roadblocks to engagement and avoid costly early-stage turnover.

Need for these surveys arise when it is observed that employees

  • Do not feel connected to the organization
  • Lack sense of ownership and responsibility towards the given job
  • Lack of acceptance towards initiatives taken by the management
  • Depict trust issues
  • Have higher attrition rate
  • Depict lack of acceptance towards initiatives taken by the management

These surveys help you identify

  • Key drivers of your employee engagement
  • Factors because of which employees get demotivated
  • Best practices within departments and cross-functional teams
  • Extent of role clarity among employees
  • Genuine feedback for the management, systems and processes
  • Impact of current programs, policies and procedures on employees

Post assessment data analysis help you

  • Set benchmarks across departments and levels
  • Create yearly engagement plans
  • Promote key drivers of employee engagements
  • Resolve issues which demotivate and disconnect employees
  • Take areas of opportunities from employee’s feedback and develop an improvement plan on it.

End benefit

  • Higher acceptability and ownership factor among employees
  • Higher trust among employees at different levels
  • Transparency and better communication at all levels
  • Lower attrition rate
  • Less efforts in setting and sharing expectations
  • An opportunity for an organization to strengthen its systems and procedures
  • Reflection on the current status of organization’s internal health

Each exiting employee is an opportunity to gain valuable insight into what works and what doesn’t within an organisation. Most HR professionals are not trained in how to conduct an exit interview. Answers need to be specific enough to be useful and coded accurately, and interviewers need to get to the root cause of resignation decisions. It’s also important for interviewers to have objectivity and not colour interviews with their own perceptions.

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