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Onboarding surveys

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Surveys and Assessments for Onboarding surveys

In today’s corporate diaspora, new hires and talent acquisition holds the key to the impending success or failure of the organization, and so does the way we handle our new comers in the organization. How a new hire is handled in the forming days in the organization will go a long way in determining workspace attrition, what employees think, feel and behave at workplace.

At Global ACT, we take due cognizance of this datum and have designed the most effective, engaging and result oriented surveys that ploughs back heaps of meaningful data into the organization allowing human resources to interpret tangible results and plan strategies for effective strategy execution.

Need for these surveys arises when it is observed that an organization needs to:

  • Gather new hire VOC on assorted matters
  • Post survey data analysis of collected inputs and VOC
  • Understand, gauge and analyze the mood, sentiments and voices of the new hires
  • To ascertain VOC pattern existence
  • Identify GAPS in the organization
  • Strategic plannin

These surveys help you identify

  • Defects or defunctness in one or more processes
  • New idea(s) or recognize a new approach
  • Whether the respondents will establish a connect or belongingness with the company’s mission, vision and values
  • Major developmental needs of the organizationTo identify any
  • strong negative notions or mindsets

Post assessment data analysis help you:

  • Address defects with accuracy and effectiveness
  • Real time data facilitates more visible and tangible results
  • Reaching common consensus
  • Drafting solution statements
  • Effecting strategic changes

End benefit

  • Infuse high level team synergies
  • Leverage the “external experience” of the respondents
    Best practice sharing
  • Introduce new favorable changes in the system
  • Seamless structuring and optimum utilization of human and non-human resources

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