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Opinion Survey

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Surveys and Assessments for Opinion Survey

We conduct structured opinion surveys for our clients, strategic partners and will be glad to craft one for you on a subject of your need. We have acquired skilled expertise and deep domain knowledge in this area over a period of time. Our team of dedicated experts with practiced skill and business acumen are ever ready to assist you on a wide array of diverse subjects. Our surveys are highly evolved, systematic and scientific; in a manner that reflects the precise “state-of affairs”, as it is; be it the mood of people, mindset, patterns, trends and any other index or trending that you might want to gauge. Our reporting formats are succinct, bold, accurate and clear with brevity in style and effective in outcomes.

Need for these surveys arises when it is observed that an organization needs to:

  • Mobilize & collect employee VOC on a specific topic subject OR a group of topics or subjects
  • Post survey data analysis of collected inputs and VOC
  • Analyze the organizational health in relation to a bird’s eye view of employees
  • Analyze its current positioning in the market
  • Inspect its work environment and its effect on set objectives
  • Do strategic planning

These surveys help you identify:

  • If employees are intrinsically satisfied and happy with the company
  • If employees think & feel the same way as the management
  • What are the GAPS in the think tank of both the parties ( employees vs employers )
  • Identify the areas of discord & disconnect between both the parties
  • Helps in identifying major developmental needs of the organization
  • Helps in identifying common grounds of both agreement & disagreement between both the parties

Post assessment data analysis help you:

  • In Strategic Planning
  • Post survey actionables are more robust, practical and solution oriented
  • Real time data facilitates more visible and tangible results
  • Establish mutually agreed problem statements
  • Reaching common consensus
  • Drafting solution statements
  • Designing Intervention Programs

End benefit

  • Building high performance teams
  • Identify common goals and work for them in unison
  • Create a more healthy work environment
  • Mitigates conflict of interests and goals
  • Aligning mutual visions with focus towards a singular organizational goal
  • More empowered, up skilled, and enabled human resource cap

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