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Top 10 Motivational Speakers in india

SUMMARY: The author of this article is an avid blogger, who is a soft-skills trainer himself. Through his analyses of some of the most followed and hugely popular public speaking experts, he has presented his own views on how such motivational speakers create an aura of positivity that eventually affect the audiences of these orators. As he is Delhi-based, he has also tried to present a chronological standing of 10 top motivational speakers in India.


The ‘Awakening’ Job

Who is a motivational speaker and what does he/she do?

We often hear about an eminent personality addressing a packed house of audiences on values of life, progressive professional career, happy personal life and similar such emotional aspects that directly touch the minds and the hearts of the audiences. Their personal attributes, presentation abilities topped with exceptional oration skills leave their audiences ‘spellbound’ and asking for more! An inspirational wave surrounds the audience to create a ‘whirlpool’ of long-lasting effects of self-realization and ‘awakening’ and thus spell ’success’ of the event. All these qualities and attributes enable the orator to be branded as a top or

best motivational speaker


A multi-tasking chore assigned to self!

As a free-lance writer and blogger on various topics and aspects that have brought significant changes to the human lives, I have been long following some outstanding and excellent speakers spread across the globe. Such eminent personalities are known to have seen ‘both sides of the coin’ in life, faced UPs and DOWNs, and struggled with failures as well. Their journey through the phenomenon of life and its experiences creates a rich reservoir of contexts, anecdotes and situational milieu for them to deliver to their audiences. Not only as a motivational speaker and /or keynote speaker, these personalities also reverberate best their thought processes through some inspirational books and publications as well. Based on their writing, their areas of multi-faceted expertise, their ‘success’ credentials, their followers’ testimonials, and their ‘pull’-based popularity on both physical grounds and digital presence, I have tried to figure out the top 10 motivational speakers in India today. My observations are also based on my own areas of interests, my ideologies in life which have been distantly or closely touched by these distinguished people, and my personal ‘First Impression’-based opinions.

The chronicles of the Top 10!

Starting from the No.10 till ‘Numero Uno’ here is my spool of Top 10 best motivational and keynote speakers in India today:


#10 Harsha Bhogle
Born in a Marathi-speaking family in 1961, Harsha Bhogle is a well-known sports journalist and an uncrowned king of cricket commentary. An IIM-Ahmedabad alumni, Harsha Bhogle is credited for giving a paradigm shift to English commentary in India. He has been commentating for live cricket since 1995 and enthralling his listeners through his excellent vocational and oration skills ever since.

Along with his wife, he has authored a book titled – “The Winning Way”, which is aimed at developing business acumen amongst the sports world business enthusiasts. His other notable published books include the biography of Mohammed Azhar-ud-din, the former Indian cricket captain.


The Bhogle couple also runs a sport-based communication consultancy called “Pro-Search”, which is an executive search and recruitment firm that focuses on placing professional manpower across multiple fields of expertise across various industry sectors.


One of his famous quotes says – “Sometimes your greatest strength can emerge as a weakness if the context changes.”


# 9 Dr. Deepak Chopra


A practicing endocrinologist-cum-spiritual leader, a renowned wellness expert and motivational speaker par excellence, Dr. Deepak Chopra is a renowned name amongst inspirational speakers whose teachings have inspired celebrities like Dr. Maya Angelou, Elizabeth Taylor, Late Michael Jackson, and Oprah Winfrey.

He has penned some 80 non-fiction and fiction-based books which include 23 NYT recognized ‘best sellers’, several and copious audio-enabled meditational courseware which encourage people to adopt healthy lifestyle of living. His preaches for a forward thinking approach to life that leverages out-of-the-box based thought processes flowing in the human system so as to spread happiness and contentment in self and others around.


For his stupendous contribution to the society, he has been conferred upon with prestigious “Top Five Outstanding Speakers Award” (Toastmasters International, 1995), “GOI Peace Award” (2010) and Chanchlani Global Indian Award (Canada India Foundation, 2012)


One of his most famous quote quotes as saying –“The highest levels of performance come to people who are centered, intuitive, creative, and reflective – people who know to see a problem as an opportunity.”

#8 Robin Sharma


For almost two decades now, Robin Sharma has been instrumental in turning the growth fulcrum of multi-national giants like General Electric, FedEx, Nike, Yale University, and many other Fortune 500 companies. His exceptional skills as a mesmeric keynote speaker and an enticing convention speaker have made flocks of people following his ideologies. He infuses such passion in people so as to exhibit perfection in whatever they do and without wearing a titular name badge. In his speech sessions, he calls for taking up the onus and responsibility and then lead from the front, without bothering about whose responsibility are they actually carrying on their shoulders. His global business consulting services firm, Sharma Leadership International Inc. (SLI) focuses on the same thought process while delivering its services to its client organizations.


His famous and notable books include best-selling titles like – ‘The monk who sold his Ferrari’, ‘Who will cry when you die?’, and the most famous ‘The leader who had no title’ to name a few.


His most famous quote till date is – “You were born awesome, please do not die average”.

#7 Subhash Chandra


A unanimously crowned “Baron of Media” Dr. Subhash Chandra is a leading voice for the Young Indian fire-brands who are as ambitious as Goliath and aspire to achieve their dreams very fast. His newspaper venture, DNA (Daily News Analysis) is one of the fastest growing news daily in India today, of which he took the reign in 2009.

His daily public redressing capsule, aptly named after his own name – DR. Subhash Chandra (DSC) Show shows his keenness to interact with the budding entrepreneurs of India and those youth who have high ambitions in their life. He engages smoothly deep into the panorama to connect well with his audience.

His coveted autobiography – “The Z Factor: My Journey as the Wrong Man at the Right Time” spreads the message to today’s youth that with just seventeen rupees in his pockets and riding high on his dreams and ambitions, how he struggled and managed to turn the rough tides in his favor to become what he is today. He is a role-model icon for many youths in India today.

He has been honored with Chanchlani Global Indian Award (Canada India Foundation and Emmy Award, both in 2011.

His most famous quotes include – “Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind To Unlock Passion, Abundance & Purpose.”

# 6 T.S. Madaan


As much a young entrepreneur would have celebrated his birthdays, the ‘ever-vibrant’ T.S. Madaan is holding more years of experience in the field of motivational and inspirational speaking. Renowned as one of the best motivational speaker amongst his contemporaries, T.S. Madaan is also a reputed name amongst the top sales trainers and leadership coaching experts in India. As an amazingly spontaneous personality, he attracts his audiences through his crystal clear, penetrative, and smoothly flowing words of wisdom. His vernacular language-based sessions on essential training aspects like Time management, Stress management, Emotions management, Self and organizational effectiveness and management create a huge momentum of vigor, passion, zeal, and dynamism in his audiences that they become much motivated to grow and progress in life on both personal and professional grounds.


Though his client organizations vary from one industry to another, yet all praise his fun-based theories of explaining the complex matters and subjects.


He has been conferred upon with President of India Medal, Udyog Ratan, and Certificate of Excellence in Management and Innovation awards besides other numerous prestigious awards bestowed by copious Governmental and non-Governmental bodies.


His famous and most followed quote goes as – “Control your emotions!


 #5 Dr. Kiran Bedi


The first Indian women I.P.S. designate who is now retired, Dr. Kiran Bedi is the first among many things she has achieved. She was a champion tennis player in her hay days and was instrumental in reducing crime against women and introducing reformatory procedures for the prison inmates during her I.P.S. services tenure.

She is the author a noteworthy book on leadership skills and management principles titled – “Creating Leadership”. She is truly a role model for many amongst present generation youths especially young girls and even previous generation ladies.


Her sincere reformatory efforts won her the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award in 1994. Currently serving as the Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry, she is still remembered vividly for her stint with UNO as Police Advisor to Secretary-General of the United Nations, Department of Peace Keeping Operations.


Her famous quote goes like – “People who do not take charge of their lives are lathi-charged by TIME!”

# 4 Shiv Khera


The world was given these valuable words to follow and pursue the path of prosperity and happiness forever – “Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently!” and “Winners see the gain; losers see the pain!” These golden words have truly transformed the lives of many people who were distressed and disappointed with their lives. Such words of wisdom drove them to achieve what they perceived to be “Impossible” at one time. Shiv Khera, a renowned sales trainer, a crop best motivational speaker and an eminent and acclaimed author of several inspirational and life-changing and ‘self-help’ books like – ‘You can win’, which focused chiefly on positive attitude and self-development were integral to achieving success. His other feature presentations like ‘You can sell’, ‘Freedom is not FREE’, and ‘Living with honor’ have won many accolades from businesses and citizens of not only India but attracted praises from overseas businesses, business consultants, and the general public as well.

His social initiative, ‘Country First Foundation’ was born as a voice against caste-based reservation in India and runs a mission to ensure freedom through education and justice.


# 3 Navjot S. Sidhu


Affectionately addressed to as ‘Sherry Paaji’, this quintessential Punjabi ‘Jatt’ is viewed as liveliness personified by many. Famed for his spontaneous, comical and humor ingredient quotes that suits best the given situations, Sherry Paaji aka Navjot S. Sidhu is truly the bundle of joy for his audiences. He is the epitome of living life to its fullest!

A swash-buckling professional cricketer who brought many laurels to the National team during his cricketing days, a compassionate, truthful and caring bureaucrat-politician and a live-wire commentator and analyst of cricket, he represents public speaking from an altogether different perspective, which defies the set norms.

He insists favoring encouragement in his own impeccable signature style – “Encouragement is like premium gasoline…it helps you take a knockout of life!” Besides this, he lays focus on the overall synchronized thoughts process to achieve self’s objectives.

Out of his most spontaneous and frequently quoted quotes, this one tops the list of favorites – “Soch unchi banda Shahenshah, Shahon ka Shah… Soch neechi, banda bhikhari, haath mein thootha, than than pal, Madan Gopal…”


# 2 Sandeep Maheshwari


The term ‘A prodigal phenomenon’ is what synonyms best with this hugely followed and popular best motivational speaker in India, whom we know in the name of Sandeep Maheshwari. Coming from a business family, whose Aluminum business had collapsed but did not budge his faith in own inherent ‘business acumen’. Sandeep’s days of struggle signified his search for innate happiness, fulfillment and contentment in life.

He followed a simple strategy to achieve what he was looking for. He prophesizes the same to everyone that once a goal is achieved, celebrate it that very day and then move on to the next goal. Hence, by avoiding a ‘comfort zone’ and by avoiding postponement of the celebration of the achievement, a consistent feeling of happiness, fulfillment and contentment can be developed forever in life. His free-for-all speech sessions attract mammoth crowds and they get enough to douse the fires of their doubt.


We have now reached the helm of this article, which means the name of the coveted Numero Uno person, the Best Motivational Speaker In India, will be revealed. As I have mentioned above, my criteria for choosing the ‘Indian Top 10’ were based on my ‘First Impression’ about these distinguished people (through their program videos, books and audios, attending live programs (not all but two), their ideologies of life and living the life matching my parameterized ideologies (!), my ability (because of their PULL) to ‘connect’ with them, their characteristic style of delivering their speech and training programs, and above all my own interests matching with their expertise, for an e.g. fun-based interaction with the audience and making them part of the playing around! When all summed up, I chose my favorite 10 to 2 top Indian motivational speakers. However, what made me choose the No.1 was the unique and never-seen-before methodology of explaining life and its essence through the ‘shlokas’ (verses) of sacred ‘Bhagavad Gita’! I have never known Bhagwad Geeta to be a source of such great knowledge to make any human great!!


‘# 1 Vivek Bindra

photo (1)

He believes that the audiences before him are like ‘Arjun’ standing baffled in the battlefield due to the complexities appearing before him through a phenomenon called ‘Life’. Hence, the essence and shlokas of Bhagavad Gita become the basis of Mr. Vivek Bindra’s lectures.

Mr. Vivek Bindra is fondly called as “Power House” speaker in the motivational speakers’ fraternity. That’s because his keynote speaker sessions, corporate training sessions, sales training sessions, leadership coaching sessions or any other corporate trainings sessions, witness such huge volumes of positive energies generated that the entire ambiance and the audiences therein get fully ‘charge up’! With his ceaseless movement around the audiences, he infuses a gigantic enthusiasm in the whole atmosphere, which creates and effect of a ‘spell’ on the audiences.

His music-toned phrases and paraphrases and multi-toned verbatim keep the audiences’ minds and hearts captivated. This enables him to gel well and connect easily with his listeners. For many of his viewers and listeners, he is someone who has “never-been-heard-before-in-life” kind of a phenomenon happening to them – again and again and hence they want to listen to him again and again. Many of his followers fondly refer to him as an ‘addiction’ for this reason!

A alumni of St. Xavier’s School in New Delhi and Amity Business School, New Delhi, he is much influenced in his life, by the likes of Satya Nadella, Daniel Goleman, Tony Robbins, Robb Fraley and Jack Welch. Much of his theory of development and nurturing, as in training and coaching is based on the footsteps of these great leaders and idols of many.


His long-cherished ‘Dream organization’ – Global ACT has emerged as one of most successful and leading corporate training companies in Delhi-NCR today. The time span of the inception of this company is not very long since, however, the pace at which this organization is growing, it is bound to become the best corporate training companies in India in the near future!

He is admired for his mind-blowing inspirational quotes, anecdotes, brain-stimulating one-liners thrown with such spontaneity that the entire audiences go hazy. My pick from his best quotes is –


“Either I WIN, or I LEARN…… I never lose! ”


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